You just found "The Real Ghost Hunters"
w/ Jason Sullivan & Jacob the Ghost Hunter
Have you ever heard a bump in the night, maybe the shadows moves out of the
corner of your eye or a chill and fear as if something was coming up behind you?
Have you seen a ghost or know of a haunted site you would like us to
explore and maybe even make it one of our shows or vlog topics!!

Contact YOUR Chicagoland area Paranormal Experts...

The REAL Ghost Hunters; Midwest Haunts:

Hi I'm Jason Sullivan and with me always is my cameraman Jacob the Ghost Hunter and
we are Midwest Haunts. MWH is the first ever reality ghost hunting show started in 2003
by Jason and Jacob at Comcast Studios in Indiana.

Our web site is here as a small banner of who we are. To all our fans, thank you for the
support tips and hints that help created our show. Without you we would have to really
work hard in finding haunts that are not commercial!! That's why we love you. Now
Jason Sullivan is spreading the word with his Ghost Hunting 101 series on
youtube, Ifilm, and Myspace. Check them out!

Enjoy the site...


Jason Sullivan
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