Ghost Hunting 101
w/ Jason Sullivan & Jacob the Ghost Hunter

Hi I'm Jason Sullivan and my advice won't be heard to often on paranormal TV.  
I am not hear to sell you anything, just to help you think for yourself.
I run a live show on called Paranormal Uncensored. It broadcasts every other
Wednesday Night @ 9 pm c/t.

Midwest Haunts & Ghost Hunting 101 was created by ""The Real Ghost Hunters".
Have you ever heard that bump in the night, the shadows move out of the corner of your eye or a chill
and fear as if something was coming up behind you....of course you have.
My Cameraman Jacob the Ghost Hunter and I have been exploring together since 2000 and we start in
the field in 1995. Please if you ever have any questions feel free to email me at anytime.
You can also find my videos on Facebook and Myspace because they let me upload 20 min. videos...
Now, please enjoy some of my most recent Ghost Hunting 101 videos posted below...


Jason Sullivan
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Ghost Hunting 101
Paranormal Investigations
and Research ~ pt. 1
Ghost Hunting 101
Paranormal Investigations
and Research ~ pt.
Ghost Hunting 101
What's Wrong with the Paranormal
Field & How Can We Fix It..

Midwest Haunts  * Ghost Hunting 101

Remember to think for yourself, open your eyes without
someone else dictating to you what you "Should" see.
Don't be scared, we see them too!
Ghost Hunting 101
What it takes to be a
Paranormal Investigator

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