Jacob the Ghost Hunter
I have been a speaker of the Pagan religion for many years. Studying everything from the
Buddha to Wicca. I am a member of many organizations including Covenant of the Goddess,
Midwest Haunts, and Divine Realism to name the ones I love.

Today I find myself hunting down ghost with Jason Sullivan, who also is my enlightenment. A
man who helps you see who you are and helps guide you to a higher plane of understanding of
oneself. I am also a teacher, you can come to Spirit Tomes in Hammond Indiana and take my
class of spell casting and Ghost Hunting.
As Sullivan's advisor and the cameraman for the show, I have seen and experienced thing that
will make you turn really white! I get chills to this day when thinking of some of those places we
have been and the things we have seen.

We love our show though and wish it aired nationally. So help us with that. For more
information or to get the show in your area call your local cable provider and tell them to "Air
Midwest Haunts show!". Any information on getting our showed aired on Comcast in your area
call 219-852-4724 and tell them you want to see more Midwest Haunts and you want to see it
by YOU!  Let get this show airing on every PPS station in the nation! Help us form the

Midwest Haunts Army and bring our show to every viewer in the world!!! E-mail me at
OccultQuestions@Aol.com to talk about the occult, to take one of my classes or private classes,
the Gothic scene, our show, or if you know of a Ghost or a Haunted sight.

Laters,  Jacob the Ghost Hunter

Midwest Haunts  * Ghost Hunting 101

Remember to think for yourself, open your eyes without
someone else dictating to you what you "Should" see.
Don't be scared, we see them too!
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Jacob the Ghost Hunter
w/ Jason Sullivan & Jacob the Ghost Hunter
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