Jason Sullivan
Hi I'm Jason Sullivan and with me always is my cameraman Jacob the Ghost Hunter...
Its been over 10 years now since I've been saying that and it just never grows old. I am the new
paranormal investigator, I prefer to be called a paranormal scientist, because I believe the
paranormal IS a science and needs to be taken very seriously.

For decades now do to fakes, frauds, snake oil salesman and scam artists the paranormal has be
look at as a pseudoscience. What I want to do is change that, to get everyone to take the right
steps and try and do it right. I am the host of a popular web-series called Ghost Hunting 101.  
My video's are linked to hundreds of sites worldwide and are hosted on:
YouTube, IFilm, and Myspace... Please, feel free check them out.

I don't expect everyone to agree and please understand my videos are there as a "Self Help".  I
try to always get my point across in the simplest way and at the same time educate you on the
Paranormal and Ghost Hunting techniques. If there ever is a subject you would like me to
cover, please email me and I will be happy to cover the subject. When asked how I got into the
paranormal, my response is the same.

I had a near death experience or what you could call a death experience I had died and came
back.....now I wanted answers! What was on the other side, are there really Gods, and if there
are ghost...how and why? I study always, learning more and more about psychics, human
genetics, physics, and I've read to many Paranormal books to even name...but I continue my
search. I found myself to be a teacher when it comes to the paranormal and educating those
who want to know more.

Everyone wants to see a Ghost, but you can't just make one "Pop" out! The ever changing world
is changing the views of many people. Religion is becoming such a big business people are look
elsewhere for answers. The afterlife has become more and more important...what can we tell
those who want to know and can we go there and come back to our human bodies?
The world of the paranormal is an open book for studying and learning...
If I can make a suggestion to anyone in the field or starting it's this... Never pay to go on an
investigation, never give someone money to learn how, never overpay for equipment always
cross check what you want to buy on Ebay or just the Internet, never believe you need to have
the latest "Gizmo" because you say someone on TV use it, and if it appears to be to good to be
true...it is! Be safe and be careful....Happy Hunting and remember "Its all fun and games until
the poltergeist follows me home!"

Laters,  Jason Sullivan

Midwest Haunts  * Ghost Hunting 101

Remember to think for yourself, open your eyes without
someone else dictating to you what you "Should" see.
Don't be scared, we see them too!
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w/ Jason Sullivan & Jacob the Ghost Hunter
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