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Nuf' said...
Frank the
It's always the quiet ones Jason would say. But it's just me Cleric.
Why do they call me Cleric....Well I am a devout Catholic and has been practicing since birth. I
believe in God, Heaven and Hell. I understand what Daemons and Angels are, and even a
greater understanding of why ghost are real. I find it funny that people believe in God, but not
Ghost. Some spirits just get lost along the way, others I understand are sentence to walk the
earth as punishment, until God forgives them. For whatever reason Midwest Haunts is there.
Jason has taken great pride in collecting us as a crew and advisors. He has a few Priests, a
Rabbi, a Buddhist, a couple of Druids, Pagans, Pastor's, and people like Jacob and I always We
are the real deal and that's why I am glad to be apart of the greatest paranormal team ever. I
hope you enjoy the show and our site. Remember to take the "Plunge" with us on New Year's
Day!! That's right, come out and join the Polar Bear Club in Chicago at North Ave Beach!
See you there......Later's
Hi I'm Frank the Wolf I am head of security at Midwest Haunts.
Why would a ghost hunting crew need security? Well because they equipment we use is
expensive and someone has to shoot at the ghost or at least try. I always say if I shoot it and it
keeps coming, we're fucked! But I keep a tight ship here with the crew, we have never had a
problem and Jason looks after us all when it comes to the paranormal. With the advice of Jacob
the Ghost hunter, we have a good team.
I hope you like the show, enjoy our web page, and maybe I'll see you in the field....Later's

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Remember to think for yourself, open your eyes without
someone else dictating to you what you "Should" see.
Don't be scared, we see them too!
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