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The Crying House of Northwest Indiana
(A Midwest Haunts Exclusive Haunt)

The crying house has a story like any other haunt. People were killed, the house abandoned, and now
haunted. We investigated this house over 30 times and we just keep going back. Why? It is a Level 2-
3 Haunt almost always. The children who died there are still playing, you can hear them run across
the floor. There is also a spirit in the home, which can become violent and become a prankster. We
call this the Daemon of the home. The ghosts of the children go quiet and the Daemon wonders.
Sometimes slamming a door or worse a shove down the stairs. Worse yet is what is in the basement.
The old coal shoot where the children and the man's grandmother were buried. Sitting in this place
gave you a bad feeling right away; it only took a few minutes for something to go wrong. The
temperature changes from 41 degrees to 3! It felt like someone was dumping a bucket of cold water
on my back, then suddenly then chair under me was being pulled from under me! I ran and as I
passed my crew the questioned what was going on and then my field engineer Val screamed and ran
passed me! Outside she explained the same thing I had just felt an ice-cold touch and a push...a push
out of the basement.
When we return to this house in the summer we plan to invoke the spirit of the house. This
Daemon will either be dismissed or I am going to really piss it off. We can not disclose how we are
doing this; it’s a theory I (Jason Sullivan) have come up with on dismissing permanently a Ghost. If
the device works we will list it later.

Bachelors Grove

Established in 1840 by German immigrants from the Bremen area of Germany, Bachelor Grove is
said to be one of the most haunted sites in the US and one of the most haunted sites in the world!
Many people were buried here and their graves destroyed. The site is also an old dumping ground for
the mob. Stories of and old 30's or 40's model car trying to run people off the road. Sometimes in
the darkest time of the night, the Lady in White walks through the woods and down the trail leading
back into the cemetery. The stories area never old, and the experiences are always reoccurring. This
is a great place to check out. Remember this, go during the day, the local police watch this area, and
have no problem giving out tickets. Besides, ghost doesn’t punch in at midnight.
We explored this old cemetery many times over two years. It is a solid Level 1-2 Haunt. We have
had EMF (Electric Magnetic Field) readings, cold spots, and check out our pics on the "Ghost Pics"
page. The ghost of Dora Newman floating in the trees, Orbs, and mist. We found the old well and if
you watch our show on Bachelors Grove, you'll see me find the disappearing house on film and the
first recorded ghost caught on tape by Midwest haunts.... DURING THE DAY!
Go to our "Show List" and get your DVD copy today.

Gypsies Graveyard Crown Point Indiana

The story of Gypsies Graveyard started in the mid 1800's The story tells the tale of a group of
Vistani or best known as "Gypsies". The local male residents started to trade with the group, but the
woman had a problem with the Gypsies. The booze, pipe weed, and exposure to early prostitution
made them run to the churches screaming "The Devil was here". Sometime in the early 1820's a form
of plague ran through the camp. Some guess that the women of the town gave the Gypsies used
blankets from plagued towns. Since most women worked with the dead at that time, while men went
to war. This same tactic was to be used later in the Civil War to kill off Indians. When word spread
to the town the people demanded that the Gypsies leave before they infect the town. The leader of
the Gypsies pleaded with the town to have a week to gather themselves and allow some to rest up
before leaving. The town saw it other wise and demanded they leave or be forced out. The Gypsy
cursed the people of the area and left in the middle of the night. When the town’s people went back
to the campsite, there were graves and graves. The Gypsies had buried their dead and left. Some
graves were not mark and later destroyed. The town turned the area into a graveyard and added
there own. Soon the care takers of the cemetery claimed to see strange lights at night, like a torch
burning, very odd music, small bells ringing, and deep laughter.
Gypsies Graveyard is a great Haunt.

We list it at a Level 1-2 Haunt and just rimming a Level 3 at times. Safe place to go with a group to
explore and sometimes the locals don't mind a nighttime visit. Just ask for permission. We have seen
mist, heard a little girls voice, and taken pics of Orbs. I have noted movements that I couldn't explain
and watch out for the not so friendly trip when leaving. If you've been there you know what I mean.
Also check your pants, one Urban Legend we found is something you'll never see. The bottom of
your pants will not be stained with blood.

We call it the Evil House

Jason Sullivan and cameraman Jacob the Ghost Hunter went out to this house which is located
between Indiana State park and I 80 out by Michigan City.  The farmer who owns the land built his
house on the other side of the property and this small farm house. Its a two bedroom home with a
basement and a cellar. Here is his story and then I'll tell ours.

When he first built his new home he thought the old house could be fun for his girls to play in. At
the time they were 13, 10, and 7.  He was checking up on them one day and found them playing tea
party and a broken plate on the floor. The old home was left somewhat furnished and still had old
cups, plates, all on display in the kitchen. So he asked who broke the plate and all three girls sad "it
wasn't me." Mad he grabbed one of the girls by her arm and yelled at the three "who did it." It was
then his life changed. A plate from the cabinet flew and struck him in the back, not hard, but the girls
were in front of him and no one was behind.  Then just has he was questioning what happened in his
head, another flew and struck him in the face. Again not hard, but he saw it clearly move from the
cabinet and right at him....So he grabbed his girls and ran. He came back with a little help, his shot
gun. He looked around the house, nothing, he went downstairs and nothing. But as he walked up
there stairs, he felt himself leave the ground and slam on the stairs. Not a trip, but up and fully
horizontal for a second or so, then dropped down about three feet. He got up and ran, and never
went back in. We met with him, and made arrangement to go inside, this is 15yrs after he last went
inside. He had since then boarded up every window and bolted the door. He unlocked the door and
let us inside. We took in our film equipment and explored the upstairs, it was dirty and on the floor
were two broken plates. The whole place was covered with a thick layer of dusk and just yuck. no
one had been in here, not even vermin, so we headed downstairs. On the way down I found
something interesting. A shotgun, somewhat rusted, loaded, and laying on the stairs! My cameraman
and I couldn't believe this. We went into the basement and started setting up, I took some EMF
readings and a temperature reading of the room. 68 degrees and no activity, there was no power in
the house, so the EMF reader would work perfectly to find a signature. It was quiet for hours, then
scaring the hell out of me the EMF reader went off, slightly at first, then WAM.....it was at a half
reading, the strongest reading I have ever even heard about. We look and nothing, we were both in a
panic in the room, it was dark our lights were dim, we weren't ready. My cameraman screams and I
hear a slap of skin on concrete. I shin my flash light and Jacob is on the ground rolling over holding
his chest. He then got up and ran out! I went out after him, asking "What happened?!" He says" I was
turning on the camera when it felt like I was lifted up and spun around then dropped!" We talked for
a while, I was trying to bring down his panic state, but nothing was calming him down. So I went
back inside alone, to get our equipment. I walk in slow and brought the big spot light from the car
and my 500,000 volt stun gun. I walk downstairs and I didn't even make it to the bottom when I felt
it. It was as if someone poured ice cold water down me from my chest to my feet, I felt a pressure
on my rear, like a bored was being placed behind me. This all happen in seconds, I felt my feet give
and then I hit it!! I hit the trigger in the stun gun, I was let free and a shriek rain out of no where. A
loud shriek that sounded like steel on steel grinding. I ran downstairs and gathered what I need and
ran out. The thermo-graph show 35 degrees as I check it before leaving. I felt a fear that not many
people could understand, but I had control. I was outside, safe, and we left. What happen there? We
did our homework on that house. It use to be a rental property, it was very poplar in the late 60's
early 70's. Between the freeway and the beach, it made a great hide away. Bikers and gangs use this
house, and 13 women were rapped there and one killed. The house has bad karma and we haven't
been back. I know, and we are supposed to be Ghost Hunters. I have gone back, but not inside. My
cameraman never stop thinking of the house after we left. Later the next week he had a stress related
Heart Attack, and was admitted into the hospital. After the angeo-gram, he explained what ever
touch him still terrifies him and was haunting his dreams. It took 7 months before he calmed. We
name the house the Evil Bitch House. A real haunt. This is a true story told by Jason Sullivan of
Midwest Haunts. ***Just to give you an update Farmer Bob (Robert) had the house (The Evil
House)knocked down at 2:30pm 8-25-2006. Jacob and I were there for the tear down. It was a true
heart breaker to watch that house go, it was the greatest haunt we ever came across. But Farmer
Bob thought it better to get ride of it. When our story came out people kept breaking in and that
wasn't cool. I say thanks to a few of the Indiana ghost chasing groups that screwed that up for the
people who know how to get a permit or get permission.
You people suck! (You know who you are)

Crete Illinois- Ax-Man’s House -

In the 1970’s a man murders his wife and children along with two police officers, with an ax (Reports
Say). After killing them he hung them from hooks in the meat shed on the back of his lot. The police
department chased him through the woods near his home, he was shot dead only a few yards from a
small bridge. When you enter the woods a strange feeling of being watched is felt and you can
sometimes hear children laughing or screaming.(**When the house was there) **If you go around to
the back of the house you can still see the blood splattered in the shed. In the house you will find a
staircase that leads into the ceiling. If you go into one of the upstairs bedrooms you will find women’s
shoes all over the floor and if you look out the window you will see what looks like a woman hanging
from a rope in the tree. You can also still see the path that the ax man ran down to try to avoid the
police. He is said to still haunt the bridge near where he died.

Other Crete Illinois Haunts

Crete - Monee Road - Upon driving over the railroad tracks late at night, one experiences a body
chill and hears a girl scream. Once in a while one can even see a girl standing on the road side in a
white outfit.

Crete - Sangamon Road - Sightings of a woman and child standing together in the middle of the road
are seen from a distance, but they disappears when you get closer. Often on rainy nights.
Video to be added soon...
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