Paranormal Uncensored & Radio UFO w/ Jason Sullivan
Paranormal Uncensored is an off the wall look at the Paranormal, UFO's, Cyptozoology,
Government Conspiracies, and the Zombie Apocalypse and hosted by none other than the
Paranormal Scientist & Philosopher; Jason Sullivan!

So if you are tired of Paranormal TV, the Paranormal Celebrity Circus and want a real look at it
all, tune in every other Wednesday Night on  You just may learn something.

Laters,  Jason Sullivan

Midwest Haunts  * Ghost Hunting 101

Remember to think for yourself, open your eyes withoutsomeone else dictating to you what you
"Should" see.  Don't be scared, we see them too!
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Just in case
you missed it...

Uncensored &
"Probe This"
w / Jason Sullivan

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YOU just may learn
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