Famous Ghost Pictures
From Around the World

The Angel

The Backseat Ghost
The Lady of Bachelors Grove
Dead Soldier’s Spirit
Lord Combermere
Axe's Man Bridge
BootHill Ghost
The Brown Lady
The Burning Girl
Castle Wall Ghost
Choir Loft Ghost
Civil War Ghost
The Monk Ghost
Church Plasma
Faces in the Window
Three Men and a Baby Ghost
ITC Ghost Hand

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It's all fun and games until the poltergeist follows me home...

Since the invention of the camera people have snap photos and found that sometimes, not everything it what it seems. With the ability to capture images, we have been snapping away now for over 168 years. Jon Bradford Eagle invented the camera in 1839. I think that he deserves a little credit for inventing the most useful item in media history.

Now we use this wonderful invention to capture pictures of ghost and other paranormal activity. There have been over a thousand pictures taken in the last decade all claiming paranormal anomalies, psychic phenomena, and of course UFO’s and even Bigfoot. The question is why does a still camera capture pictures of Ghost and the human eye rarely does? There are more pictures of ghost then people who have claimed to have seen one. Why? As remarkable as the human eye is, it still has its limitations. We cannot freeze frame and image, so that something moving incredibly fast is picture perfect. But maybe the human eye just for a second can catch a glimpse. Think of how many times you saw something move out of the corner of your eye and when you looked over at it, nothing was there. Paranormal manifestations are rare; the EMF fields created by ghost most of the time don’t carry enough energy to project an image. The energy is moving faster then the human eye can focus on, a still photo changes all of that. Jason Sullivan’s theory on “Conscience Energy” states that after a person dies, sometimes the energy that is formed retains part of the conscience of its former “Living” self. It is also believed that these energies have not accepted or don’t realize that they have passed on. Because of this, we get paranormal activity. The former living entities that carry enough of their past conscience often will project their last known image of themselves. So because of all this…we can take a picture of Ghost and as video cameras get better, we will see more film on paranormal activities.

But with all the advancements and all the findings, people will be out there ruining a good thing. Fakes and frauds are the biggest criminals of the paranormal world. People are so desperate to be apart of it they will fake there findings. Think about how many news reports showing us pictures of ghost. You haven’t. Sometimes it can be blamed on inexperience, but most of the time its not. I see a lot of ghost hunting groups, with lots of photos on their sites… that their group took. Always claiming paranormal activity or pictures of ghost. Do ghost only come out for Ghost Hunter’s?

Fakes can be pointed out by looking for simple answers. Test out these examples and you’ll see for yourself what’s real and what’s not. Take pictures at night when its humid out…you’ll see Orbs. Go into an old home and take photos as you move room to room…you’ll see Orbs. In reality, these are raindrops, moisture in the air, dust bunnies, or reflective surfaces all created from your flash or the sunlight. The biggest scam out there is cigarette smoke or someone’s visible breath on a cold day. Once again inexperience could play a factor, but to many fakes keep producing these photos claiming they’re real. All in all, be careful. Use the Scientific Method when evaluating your photos and try to stay professional.